Sunday, March 8, 2009


And so it begins. Spring. It doesn't matter that we had 10 inches of snow less than a week ago, nature has already begun to respond to that mysterious signal that brings everything back to life.

Our crocuses are always first to show themselves. It's like magic. One day you see nothing; the next, there they are, peeking up through the grass and leaves.

I love it--you can smell the difference in the air and hear it in the birds' songs. The buds are opening on the trees. The red-tailed hawks are competing for nesting territory. And I'm shopping gardening supply catalogs. Good stuff!


  1. aaahhh I love spring...if only we could get rid of Mosquitoes. They, in my opinion, are the only down side to the season.

  2. Bah humbug. Ok translate, you know what I mean. Mosquitoes are just the beginning of the dreaded hotness. Don't worry, I'm not looking to convert anyone - I know I'm the oddball. Enjoy the flowers!

  3. If you could find me something that would make my body as impervious to the cold as insect repellent makes me to mosquitoes, I might feel more even-handed about the seasons. Until then, my enthusiasm for the end of winter will continue to know no bounds!

  4. Hey, I go to Lake Mattamuskeet in North Carolina every two years for the waterfowl and especially tundra swans. Where is this place that you go to see Tundra Swans? And When? We have them from mid November to Mid February.

    I dream of visiting the crane migration on the Platte River, Nebraska one day. I've just turned 50 today, so I better hurry and make plans. Life goes so fast!

  5. Neil~We have tundra swans up here in Delaware all winter, but it was Blackwater Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge, Maryland, where we saw so many. It was early February, but I'm not sure how long they are there in those numbers. Good luck making it to the Platte River. Sounds amazing!