Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adventures in Nature

I love this time of year. Being able to go outside without having to gear up against the cold is pure bliss to me. It makes me feel like I gain the whole outdoors as an extra room to my house. At my oldest son's request, we took off to do a little sunset birdwatching at Bombay Hook a couple of weeks ago. We saw a few interesting birds, but the outing was definitely all about the foxes. We first came across a pair of kits on their own. They were right at the side of the road--maybe 10 feet from us--pouncing on each other and wrestling around.

A short time later we saw an adult running through a field with a rabbit in its mouth. Then, as we headed back toward where we had seen the babies, there was another adult in the road. When we approached, it lay down in the road and made itself as flat as possible.

We also saw this nasty looking snapping turtle.

That one can't compare, though, to this massive one we caught about to slip into our own pond.

I don't have much love for these creepy looking, duck killing dinosaurs, I must say, but they are fascinating in their own way.

So, back in our own yard once again, Carter has been working on his snake wrangling skills. This week he has progressed from this cute little ring necked snake:

to this considerably more formidable black snake:

On the cute and cuddly front, we discovered a baby tufted titmouse in our yard this morning. It apparently fell from its nest before it was quite ready to fly. It spent most of the day under a tree in our yard while its parents took turns bringing it food. As was inevitable, our cat discovered it. We were at a loss as to what to do to keep the little creature safe. Well, we took the top off our hanging birdfeeder and made it a little makeshift nest. It seems quite happy there and the parents have been continuing to feed it.

Good luck, little bird!


  1. I loved holding our boa in Biology class, but that rat snake picture is disturbing.

  2. Seeing Carter hold that snake is very scary! And that snapping turtle. Wow. Brave boy!

  3. I have to say, I'm glad I was mostly watching the black snake incident through my camera, because looking at the pictures freaks me out a little. Carter had absolutely no fear--he was so confident. I think I'll stick with the baby birds, myself.

  4. Holy Toledo batman, your own wildlife preserve!! I would be dying over the black snack, I would try to let the kids ride the back of the turtle. Good job saving the bird!

  5. Believe me, Amy, you would not have put your kids anywhere near that turtle. It was trying to bite us all. The snake was truly tame in comparison.