Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

There's not much to say about Thanksgiving except that it was glorious. It was an easy, breezy day full of yummy food, courtesy of Cracker Barrel and the lovely Petya--waitress extraordinaire. Seriously, if you're going to eat away from home on a major holiday, why not make it someplace where you can rock on the porch and play checkers.

So then it was over the boardwalk to bask in the sunshine and salt air. I fell in love with a little white goldendoodle puppy, but managed to keep from running off with the little nipping furball. What a lovely day it was!

After a literal kicking and screaming departure from the scene, we had a peaceful drive home. Traditional football watching was replaced by a stirring episode of Dinosaur Planet followed by a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Cookies and pie were eaten, a Christmas tree was hauled up from the basement and decorated, and a happy, tired family snuggled in front of the fire.

Next stop . . . Christmas!


  1. Sounds like the way to go! I would've loved to go to the beach for Thanksgiving. However, we did venture into the mountains of West Virginia (so peaceful, but such a long drive).

  2. Traveling to visit infrequently seen family is just about the best thing I can think of to do for a holiday. And West Virginia . . . beautiful!