Monday, June 2, 2008

Illegal Homeschooling

In honor of having just finished my 8th year of homeschooling, I thought I would take a moment to reflect in horror on the recent judicial wranglings in California on this topic. First, California courts declared that homeschooling is not lawful unless the parent has formal teaching credentials. Then, after much outcry from the public, the ruling was vacated. The most disturbing statement to come out of all this is the declaration that the Constitution does not give parents the right to homeschool their children. How many people in our country believe that our rights come from the Constitution, I wonder? According to the founding fathers, our rights come from the Creator. The Constitution was intended to define government, put limits on its power, and, in so doing, protect the God-given rights of the nation's citizens.

The education of my children is my domain and my responsibility. How I choose to fulfill that responsibility is fully my decision. This is not a right given to me by my government and, therefore, is not a privilege that can be revoked. Even as I defy anyone to prove my children are not adequately educated, I reject the notion that anyone else has the right to make that determination on my behalf.

For those of you who do not homeschool, do not sit comfortably thinking that this does not affect you. Anytime the government makes a move to chip away at one parent's dominion over the rearing of her child, they chip away at the rights of all parents. It is only one small step at a time to lead us into a society in which the government is the ultimate parent with final say over how our children are raised.


  1. I totally agree. The education of our children is our responsibility. I actually do not know what red tape you have to deal with on a daily basis. Do you have to do any state tests and such? I'm hoping that I'm even typing in English, but I have found that one can only sleep for so many hours in a day. And not having my computer in my lap is sending my into withdrawals.

  2. Oh, and double props for the AC is definitely earned this week. I haven't even attempted to go outside today but I hear it is unbearable.

  3. I was flabergasted with the initial ruling. Though I do not homeschool I understand the impact it would have a thousands of children, families and schools. With overcrowded schools where did they think they were going to put all those children? And do they think that kids really learn more or better surrounded by cliques, gangs, drugs and violence than in their own homes? I knew one parent that educated her kids as an afterthought and I worried they would fall behind when she put them back into school but the point is that the government can not tell you that you are not smart enough to educate your own child. They can't even balance a budget.

  4. Delaware is actually one of the best states in the U.S. for homeschoolers. I have to fill out two forms each year--one stating how many students I have enrolled in my "school" and another stating how many days we were in session. No testing. No curriculum reviews. It's great! I love to be left to my own devices. We did the California Achievement Test this past fall, so the boys could get that testing experience and I could get an idea of whether they were on track with other students nationwide.

    You know, Amy, I hadn't even considered the potential overcrowding impact that would have on CA schools. I can't imagine parents of public school kids would be too thrilled at how that would impact things for their kids, either.

  5. Jen I am 100% with you on this. I am so sick of the government telling us what is best for our children, what is best for us, what is best for everyone! The government doesn't have a clue, and Amy is right they cant even balance a budget or decipher simple right from wrong issues for that matter. Little by little they want to take everything away from us and it makes me sick! Anyone in the mood for some good ol fashion Communism?