Thursday, June 26, 2008

And They're Off!

It took three weeks for them to hatch, 10 days for them to develop flight, and 7 weeks to be ready for freedom. Our nine little Northern Bobwhite Quail are the most charming little birds. They have been fun to watch and fun to listen to. Even though I wanted to keep them as wild as possible, I couldn't resist sitting a little way from their pen to watch them occasionally. We had to catch escapees no less than 4 times (which was easier than I would have thought).

When we opened the pen for them to enter their new wild home, they were a little confused at first, but caught on quickly. In the five days since their release, we have regularly spotted them wandering through the thick undergrowth at the edge of the woods, making very happy noises and taking dust baths.

Best wishes, little birds!


  1. Jen, you are wow, just amazing! All these animals that you just grow left and right and I just don't think I could ever do that. I would be killing them left and right! They would see Mama Shahan coming run away figuring it would be best to take their chances on their own. Good for you!

  2. Aw, thanks, Rachelle! I did lose 5 of them from hatching to release. It's upsetting having animals die, for sure, but I've done this for so many years that I am used to it on a certain level.

    As I recall, your girls were at our house the day after hatching day and got to see them at their tiniest.

  3. You are a very good den mother. Well, I know that birds are not really included in that but you know what I mean. I'm impressed at the percentage that actually make it to release - not as easy as you make it look. Good job and yeah for less on your plate. So long cute birdies!