Friday, August 29, 2008

Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Presidential Politics

This has been a difficult week for me. Despite my best intentions to not dwell on things or get my hopes up, I became completely consumed with McCain's impending VP decision. Watching the political prediction markets, I did, in fact, get my hopes up regarding Mitt Romney's chances. Yesterday, when it began to look like that wasn't going to happen, I had to go through a grieving process for the second time in this election process. Just last night, I vowed I would not vote for McCain if he didn't put Mitt Romney on the ticket.

Now, let the record show that I remain loyal to my man Mitt, but I'll be schnookered if John McCain didn't pull a real live rabbit out of his hat. Sarah Palin is beyond impressive--a woman that makes me proud of my gender for the first time in my adult life! Oh, wait, I think I may have just confused myself with Michelle Obama for a second there. Seriously, Palin epitomizes what a conservative woman is all about. I'm not quite ready to replace my Romney bumper sticker, but I am pretty certain that I can actually vote for McCain without holding my nose with this woman's name beside his.


  1. I am with you Jennifer. I was not happy when Brian called and told me that Romney was not chosen. But then he said McCain chose a woman and I wondered who(Condalisa was my hope). I have not ever heard of Palin before but the more I read about her the happier I am with this pick. She is amazing! A true Conservative, proud to be a real woman (no need prove she is strong by forgoing a skirt for a pant suit.) she has morals being a true pro life candidate and is a seasoned Mom. As long as nothing bad and unexpected pops up I am with her all the way!

  2. Oh and hello...the woman ran a state while pregnant! I have a hard enough time running a household while pregnant (thank goodness I was'nt impeached!) For cryin out loud I'd like to see Obama, Biden, or McCain do that! lol

  3. Can I say how happy I was to see he chose a woman. Though Romney was my top choice, I have to say McCain really thought this through. She will bring the undecided Hillary lovers, the women's vote in general, far right conservatives chomping at the bit to drill in Anwhar (sp)and I think she brings the youth that so many need to see on our ticket. I can't wait for the debates to start! You should have a debate party.

  4. Yup, she's hot, brilliant, and tough, even while being a mom and wearing glasses (and pregnant). Someone we can all identify with, right?

    And I definitely like the idea of a debate party! (At least for the VP debate.)