Monday, February 20, 2012

Break Dancing and Dreaming of Summer

The first flowers have appeared in my yard, signalling to all the elements of the universe that the unstoppable march toward spring has officially begun. I am celebrating by hiding in my house, hooked to the internet, shopping for a beach house for a late summer family reunion. I am awash in fantasies of warm salt air, bumper cars, greasy boardwalk food, and sleeping with the windows open. There are a few good things to look forward to before that time arrives, but I always love the siren call to look toward the horizon of time and see something lovely.

My crocuses aren't the only thing blooming these days (excuse the cheesy segue). Austin went swimming at the YMCA today. My son, who used to avoid people with all his might, chose the lane next to the only other people in the pool. Not only that, but they were all first name chums by the time they left the locker room together. And making small talk is not the only skill he's working on acquiring. Saturday night at a church youth dance, I have it on good authority that he was breakdancing. Now, I love my son, but he's never been exceptionally coordinated. He does love music, though, and dances with unreserved enthusiasm. What I love is that he is so unafraid in his approach to life. I wish I could say the same about myself, but I am too shy and too afraid of looking foolish to just throw myself at new experiences the way he does. The best part is the way people accept and even embrace him. Just like the first harbingers of spring, these moments remind me that there are glorious things ahead.

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  1. I love your new and improved blog. I was thinking of restarting mine as well. However, I tend to report with overkill. Anyway, Love love love it! You are an inspiration! Keep it going!