Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Good Baby

Have you noticed how parents of little babies will always say, "He's/she's such a good baby!" What does this mean, exactly? I've never heard a parent describe a baby as "bad". "What a bad baby he is!" "She may be cute, but she's just bad!" So what makes a baby good? Is a baby good if he sleeps through the night, is a good eater, almost never cries? Or is he good if he makes you fall so head over heels in love with him that spotting his big wide awake blue eyes in the painfully wee hours of the morning makes you wish you could give up sleep entirely just so you could stare at him?

He's such a good baby!


  1. I like you a lot. And I could just eat your baby. Then I would know if he was good or not.

  2. Oh--he is so adorable! I actually have heard "he was a bad baby"--years and years later when it could do possible damage to the poor teen or adult!