Monday, July 19, 2010

Losing It

I live in a house of boys. My husband, my three children, even my dog is a boy. And for the purpose of this post, I'm going to lump my father in to this group. And you know what? None of them can find anything! Is this a phenomenon unique to my world or is this a universal male flaw? Even when I tell them where to look for something they can't find it. We were getting ready to leave for a road trip and my middle son wanted to bring his Nintendo DS. He asked where his charger was and I told him it was in the storage basket in the car. I should give him credit here that he not only planned ahead by thinking to bring a charger, but he also dashed off to double check that it was in the car before we left. Unfortunately, a few minutes later he was back in the house telling me that the charger was not there. I proceeded to spend precious minutes looking through the house for the charger, to no avail. During the search, my father stopped by our house to use our phone. He does this when he needs to make a long distance call, because we have free long distance on our plan and he doesn't. Mostly I think he likes the excuse to pop in and see his grandsons. I had been out for a walk with the wee one that morning and had taken the phone with me, so when I saw that it was missing from its usual spot I told him I must have left it outside in the stroller. He went out to look and came back, declaring it was not there. I had to trek all the way upstairs (okay, I'm whining here--my house is not really that big) to get him a phone. Then, my husband asks for the baby's jacket, in case we need it in some overly air-conditioned stop on our journey. I told him it was already in the car. Like my son, he diligently goes off to double check (or should I suspect that they're actually doubting me at this point?) with similar results. So it's back upstairs for me to grab a sweater from the baby's room.

At last we are ready to head out. On my way to the car I stopped by the stroller and collected the phone. Ahem! Then, situated in the car, I reach into the aforementioned basket and pull out the DS charger. Ahem! About a mile down the road I look behind my seat in the baby zone and discover the baby's jacket. Ahem! Seriously! Are all men this way? I told my husband the only reason Eve was the first to eat the forbidden fruit was that Adam probably couldn't find it and needed her to bring it to him.

I don't think he appreciated my theological insight.


  1. SO true. Although I have to say it happens with my girls too. I am the only one who is able to find anything in their closets even when it's hanging in plain site. I've wondered if I shouldn't try so hard, that maybe if they went without instead of me always bailing them out by finding it they would look harder. Great post - love all the blogging!

  2. Ha ha. I liked that insight. :-) So, scouts teaches the males to Be Prepared, because having a female in your life will guarantee that you will be doubly prepared--which may have been the Lord's intention all along. hee hee